Uber Sign Up Bonus Details

There has never been a better time to sign up (use this link https://get.uber.com/drive/?invite_code=37rdz) and drive for Uber.  The referral bonus for new Uber drivers can be up to $500 depending on which city you sign up and drive in but this is only for a limited time.  It’s very easy to get started, and there are only a few steps you need to take to get paid your bonus:

1.)Sign Up Here (when you click this link, the referral code 37rdz will automatically entered so you can get the sign up bonus)

2.)If you driven previously for Lyft or any rideshare then click this special link and make sure to note that to Uber to get an extra bonus for being a previous rideshare driver.

3.)Upload all required documents to their partner dashboard right away.

4.)Get vehicle inspected and go through quick background check.

5.)Complete the necessary trips (this takes about few hours of driving).

It couldn’t be easier to earn the bonus, so sign up now before they drop the bonus down! If you have any questions feel free to contact me at austinresident5@gmail.com and I can enter you in a contest to win a $25 amazon gift card.

The whole process is pretty quick, and if you have any questions about the approval process, leave them below. I’m happy to answer them for you!

Why drive with Uber?

-No previous experience as a driver is necessary.

-Make up to $1,500/week driving your own car.

-Choose your own hours and drive more to make more.

-Payment is directly deposited into your bank account each week.

-Set your own schedule — whatever works for you.

-Meet people from your community, plus other drivers in your city.


Not sure about driving with Uber? Take a free ride(Up to $20 off) as a passenger by using this link and ask the Uber driver what it’s like, you will see how easy and convenient it is.